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Welcome to the My World Page of Radio, here you will find things of interest to me (and to you I hope). Look around and enjoy. 

II have included things like the live APRS java map that people can use to monitor ham operator location and weather conditions during storms or any time. The live scanner audio is available to listen in on the activity in the area during emergencies or regular activity.  You will find a number of helpful tools on the the ARES, RACES, CERT and Skywarn Info page. There are a number of good reference pages and information available for your use.

If you are looking for the live scanner feed select 'Scanners and Scanning' below to find it. Take a look at our message board and feel free to join in the discussions. (link below). select 'Ham Radio, ATV and APRS ' below to find the APRS Information page.

You can find information on local (Council Bluffs, Iowa and Omaha, Nebraska ) weather. Commercial two-way radio, GMRS radio, Ham radio, APRS, ATV, local public services, scanners and scanning frequencies for the area.

Move all the way down each page to find links, news feeds, tools and other information.

You can send your questions, suggestions or comments to me using this
E-mail link. Feel free to read and join in the conversations on the Message Board.


My World Page Message Board

Marine (boat) Freqs.

General Mobile Radio Service (GMRS)

Ham Radio, ATV, APRS and Digital

ARES, RACES, CERT and Skywarn Info

Scanners and Scanning + Live scanner feed

Citizen band (11 meters) Freqs.

My Electronics Work Bench and Projects

My Radio Shack

Lightning Protection Tips

Radio Mobile RF Prediction Software



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